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Molecular Cloning Kits

Molecular Cloning Kits

The products in this section are designed for molecular cloning of cDNA, gene and PCR fragments (up to 15kb) and also the construction of libraries for much larger fragments (up to 40kb) such as fosmids. Kits are available with both electrocompetent and chemically competent cells. In regards to vector and insert preparation, products in this section enable recovery of nucleic acids from agarose gels, sheared DNA can be repaired and then ligated for blunt-end cloning, genomic DNA cloning and subcloning.

These molecular cloning products have high efficiency for DNA ligations and high throughput DNA cloning. Readily clone PCR or RT-PCR products and accomplish a wide range of DNA engineering tasks. 

Product Highlights 

Fosmid Library Construction

Epicentre Biotechnologies 

The CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kits provide an efficient and improved method for constructing a library of cosmid-sized (approximately 40kb) clones. The CopyControl Fosmid Library Production Kit contains the original pCC1FOS™ Vector, while the recently introduced CopyControl™ HTP Fosmid Library Production Kit includes modified pCC1FOS Vector, called pCC2FOS. Both of these CopyControl™ Vectors contain both the E. coli F-factor single-copy origin of replication and the inducible high-copy oriV. CopyControl™ Fosmid clones are grown at single copy to ensure insert stability and successful cloning of encoded and expressed toxic protein. The CopyControl™ Fosmid clones can then be induced up to 50 copies per cell. 


Red/ET Recombination technology
Gene Bridges 

Red/ET is a revolutionary method for DNA engineering. Recombineering with Red/ET allows unlimited cloning, subcloning, and modification of DNA at any chosen position. It permits precise engineering of DNA molecules of any size, including very large ones such as BACs or the E.coli chromosome. 

Advantages over conventional methods 

  • Independent of restriction sites
  • No size limits
  • No unwanted mutations
  • Rapid

Red/ET Recombineering is one simple and powerful tool to modify plasmids, BACs, and even E.coli chromosomes. 

Learn how Red/ET Recombineering works