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Protein Purification

Protein Purification: Hydrophobic Agaroses

Cambio offers a range of solutions for protein purification including concentrators, magnetic beads and chromatography matrices suitable for purification of recombinant tagged proteins as well as native proteins

Cambio offer three hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) resins e.g. agarose with  butyl, octyl or phenyl groups.  When developing a new protein purification protocol on previously untested protein comparing different matrices is strongly recommended, and for this a hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) starter set with small quantities of each matrix is available.  Our Cambio Hydrophobic Agaroses are manufactured using BioWorks Workbeads, that provide highest binding capacities and reproducible results, especially in FPLC chromatography applications. Empty FPLC cartridges can be found under the “FPLC cartridges