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University of East Anglia
Pharmacy Research Colloquium Day
Monday 20th May 2019
Thomas Paine Study Centre and Foyer
All Day  

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
University of Cambridge
Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way
19th June 2019, 9.30- 4pm

University of Cambridge
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Madingley Road
26th June 2019, 10am -4pm

Product Focus

PCR Cycler Check™and qPCR Cycler Check™

Available for both conventional endpoint PCR and real-time PCR (qPCR) cyclers. These kits provide temperature sensitive PCR reactions to monitor an upper and lower temperature range in one run. The primer/ probe sequences in the PCR Cycler Check Kits are designed to react extremely sensitivily  to incorrect temperature control, temperature homogeneity, precision and timing. Amplification will completely drop out at temperature differences of more than 2°C. Click on the image below