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Masterpure Promotion

MasterPure Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit

Suitable for DNA and RNA extraction
from a wide variety of samples

FREE SAMPLE (10 purifications)

Special Promotion subject to completion of
qualification questionnaire and first-time users only.
Offer Expires 30th September 2024 - CLICK FOR DETAILS

GELATO Integrated Blue Light Gel System - OFFER!

Summer offer!

30% off GELATO Integrated Blue Light Gel System

A professional grade gel electrophoresis system
with an integrated blue-light transilluminator that allows
separation of  nucleic acids at ultra-fast speeds.

RUN -- VIEW --- SNAP -- and cut with ease!

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Transcription Kits

AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Transcription Kit

The AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Transcription Kits, EPICENTRE's in vitro transcription kit,
produces more RNA in 30 minutes than other in vitro transcription kits produce in two hours.

- Utilizes high concentrations of NTPs that are inhibitory to conventional in vitro transcription systems.
- Produce upto to180 µg of RNA in 30 minutes.
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RNA Therapeutics Enzymes

Looking for reliable and high performance enzymes for RNA therapeutics?

Then take a look at CellScriptTM


Human Placental Genomic DNA

 - High quality human placental genomic DNA.
 - Specifically block human random repeat sequences
 - Applications include: Blocking DNA, Cytogenetics,
   Southern hybridisation and PCR controls.
 - ISO 9001:2015 manufactured.