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Circular RNA and Gene Knockdown - Application Note

Friday, 29 September 2023

Circular RNA and Gene Knockdown


A new class of RNA called circular RNAs now joins the popular RNAi as a tool for regulating gene expression. A platform based on circular RNAs, called small circular interfering RNA (sciRNA), has recently been published and consists of a cyclic sense strand annealed to a linear antisense strand. This platform has the potential to reduce off-target effects and enhance nuclease resistance of the interfering RNA.

Download the application note to discover:

  • The importance of circular RNAs in normal and disease biology
  • How sciRNAs are designed and synthesized for gene knockdown
  • How sciRNAs perform compared to their linear siRNA counterparts
  • Reagents and products used to generate sciRNAs


Download application note

Article Source: Glen Research