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Summer Closure

Important notice:  Summer Closure

Plan ahead for your purchase orders: Cambio will be closed from 22nd to 29th August (inclusive) to allow us to recharge our batteries and come back refreshed to serve our valuable customers after the bank holiday.

Cambio would like to wish all its customers a happy summer!




Protect your waterbath
against bacteria, mycoplasma,
protozoa, algae, fungi, and yeast.

* Broad Antimicrobial Activity
* Wide Range of Applications
* No Cell Toxicity
* No Pipetting
* Long-lasting Activity


Check out the new cutting edge GELATOTM gel running system:


This all-in-one research-grade system comes with in built blue light and rapidly runs beautiful agarose gels.

Beat the heat!

Throughout the summer of 2022 we are offering all customers free Cambio 750ml water bottle on all orders over £100.

Just quote COOL22 on your next order. 

Available to UK customers only.