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Introductory offer on LabOnABead products

Friday, 20 January 2017

Introducing the LOABeads™ system

What is it ?

A magnetic separation platform for proteins and antibodies based on magnetic agarose beads. Use it for immunoprecipitations, purification of monoclonal antibodies from cell culture, or your custom affinity purification. The LOABeads system is scalable from micro to liter scale.

Reasons to use at micro-scale

  • Easy to handle

The beads separate within seconds, resuspend even faster, and are clearly visible.

  • High capacity

With a capacity of 60 mg IgG/ml bead, LOABeads Protein A could be your preferred choice.


Reasons to use at lab bench-scale

  • Simplicity

No need for expensive column chromatography instruments. Only low maintenance magnetic separators with no moving parts. Handles up to 1 gram of mAb in each separation.

  • Parallel processing

With the LOABeads system, even 500 ml sample volumes can be handled in parallel, saving valuable time when many samples need to be purified. 


What else ?
The LOABeads system includes high capacity magnetic agarose beads and durable laboratory magnetic separators.


  • LOABeads AffiAmino – For coupling of custom peptides and proteins through primary amines and thiols.LOABeads Protein A – For purification of IgG from serum and ascites, IgG depletion, immunoprecipitation, and immunoassays.

  • LOABeads MabBind A – For protein A affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies from cell culture harvests.

Special offer!!

20% off LOABeads Protein A, LOABeads MabBind A and LOABeads AffiAmino

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