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Rebranding of NGS products

Thursday, 5 February 2015

You may have noticed that Epicentre’s Next Generation sequencing products have been moved to the Illumina website.  Rebranding of the packaging will follow by 31st March 2015.

 You can continue to buy these excellent products from Cambio Ltd at our discounted prices until 31st March.  Thereafter, purchases of the following kits will have to be made direct from Illumina.


  • RiboZero™ kits
  • ScriptSeq™ Complete kits
  • ScriptSeq™ v2 RNA-Seq library preparation kits
  • ARTseq™ Ribosome Profiling kits
  • Globin-Zero™ kits
  • EpiGnome Methyl-Seq Kits

Article Source: Cambio / Epicentre