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DNA Remover™ is now PCR Clean™

Friday, 13 November 2015

The old name “DNA RemoverTM” promised only removal of DNA. Now the new name emphasises a wide range of applications.

PCR Clean™ is a ready-to-use solution for eliminating DNA and RNA from surfaces with the exception of light or non-ferrous metals. DNA and RNA are completely destroyed and removed within seconds. The solution contains a surfactant and a non-alkaline and non-carcinogenic DNA/RNA destroying agent. PCR Clean™ is in-tended for use at PCR work stations, lab devices, pipettors, etc. to effectively remove amplicon, plasmid, genomic DNA and RNA. The use of PCR Clean™ both before and after PCR analysis is fast, easy and ideal to maintain a clean work area and thereby saves time and expenses. It is essential to avoid any DNA contamination on lab equipment and any kind of surfaces by using the effective DNA and RNA destroying PCR Clean™ before and after PCR analysis - for preventing lab personnel from contamination risks and for getting safe results.

Only the name has changed - nothing else!

Please note that the DNA RemoverTM Wipes where sell transitionally still with the old name.

Article Source: Cambio / Minerva Biolabs