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NEW: Apollo® centrifugal ultrafiltration

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Apollo® centrifugal ultrafiltration – state of the art devices for protein concentration, desalting and buffer exchange 

Apollo 20mlApollo High Performance Concentrators* minimize purification losses of low concentration or sticky recombinant target proteins or gene vectors.

Apollo Concentrators combine the highest recovery of regenerated cellulose membrane with faster concentration and larger sample capacity than possible with recent high-speed devices of comparable retention. 

Available in 7 mL and 20 mL versions, each with 3 molecular weight cutoffs: 9 kDa, 20 kDa, and 150 kDa.

  • >90% quantitative recovery of micrograms of retained protein
  • Quantitative salt/buffer exchange in a single spin. 1000x plus concentration factor capability
  • Fast concentration of up to 20 mL or 7 mL of protein
  • Biosafety: No aerosol generation or airlocking
  • No need for hand contact with wetted surfaces
  • No invert spin required

*US patents 6,269,957; 6,357,601



Article Source: Cambio / Orbital Biosciences