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Glen Report 32.2

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

New Products from Glen Research

AquaPhluor® 639

Developed by ELITechGroup (formerly Epoch Bioscience) who have been devloping flourescent dyes for over 20 years.  AquaPhluor® dyes, one of their fluorophore lines, possess latent phosphonate groups in the linkers. Fully protected and neutral, these groups are compatible with phosphoramidite preparation and solid phase synthesis. In their ultimate form, upon completion of standard oligonucleotide synthesis, the dyes are negatively charged and thus significantly more hydrophilic.

The phosphonate chemistry of AquaPhluor® dyes makes it possible to combine
the versatility of automated oligonucleotide synthesis with the benefits of hydrophilicity.
One particularly attractive AquaPhluor® dye is AquaPhluor® 639 (AP639).

Advantages of AquaPhluor® 639
• Excellent chemical stability for improved synthesis yield
• Excellent photostability for storage and applications
• Temperature-independent fluorescence

Read about this and the new product  AquaPhluor® 639 5’-Phosphoramidite and CPG in the latest Glen report  (Vol 32.2, Dec 20 here.  (PDF file )



Article Source: Cambio Ltd