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in vitro transcription prices reduced

Friday, 8 January 2016

Do you need to run-off some RNA in vitro for the next step in your project?
Cambio offers a range of CELLSCRIPT™ in vitro transcription products tailored for specific applications, and they've just come down in price!
ScriptCap™ m7G Capping System is designed to build the Cap 0 structure found on the 5' end of most eukaryotic mRNA molecules. Based upon the tri-functional Vaccinia Virus capping enzyme (VCE), this system includes all of the components necessary to convert RNA containing a 5' triphosphate to “Cap 0” RNA. “capping,” improves the stability and translation efficiency of the RNA compared to uncapped RNA.
Cat No Description Pack Size 2015 Price 2016 Price
C-SCCE0610 ScriptCap™ m7G Capping System 10 rxns £148.00 £125.80
C-SCC0625 ScriptCap™ m7G Capping System 25 rxns £305.00 £259.30
T7 mScript™ Standard mRNA Production System provides all enzymes and enzyme-related reagents for making 5'-capped, 3'-polyadenylated mRNA. The mScript System improves upon existing capping methods by ensuring virtually 100% transcript capping, all caps in the proper orientation and the ability to produce large amounts of capped RNA at a reasonable cost.   This mRNA is suitable for use in transfection and microinjection experiments as well as in vitro translation systems.
Cat No Description Pack Size 2015 Price 2016 Price
C-MSC11610 T7 mScript™ Standard mRNA Production System 10 rxns £224.00 £190.40
C-MSC100625 T7 mScript™ Standard mRNA Production System 25 rxns £491.00 £417.40
A-Plus™ Poly(A) Polymerase Tailing Kit  adds poly-(A) tails directly to capped RNA from an ScriptCap m7G Capping System reactions The poly-(A)-tailing kit uses ATP as a substrate for template-independent addition of adenosine monophosphates to the 3'-hydroxyl termini of RNA. The standard protocol produces a poly(A)-tail length of ~150 nt on 40-60 μg of RNA. Polyadenylation increases the stability of RNA in eukaryotic cells and enhances its ability to be translated after transfection or microinjection.
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