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LabOnABead - New Centre for Advanced BioProduction

Thursday, 27 April 2017


We are happy to announce that LabOnABead's academic collaborator at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Dr. Véronique Chotteau, has received a five-year grant from Vinnova, a Swedish innovation agency, to set up the centre for Advanced BioProduction (AdBIOPRO). The purpose of the centre is to build up an environment for research on industrial bioproduction and to profile Sweden as a leader in development of continuous processes for production of biopharmaceuticals.
 Lab on a Bead is one of seven industrial partners in AdBIOPRO. Our aim is to develop an automated module for process scale magnetic purification of biotherapeutic antibodies. This is a project that will continue to build on our current proof-of-concept prototype. Among the other industrial partners are several distinguished Swedish CRO’s and biopharma companies.

Article Source: LabOnABead