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New antibody purification technology from LAB ON A BEAD

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New antibody purification technology from LAB ON A BEAD

We’ve just taken on LAB ON A BEAD who have developed a new and extremely efficient method to purify antibodies that is based on highly magnetic agarose beads, giving them a high binding capacity. The unique properties of LOABeads make it possible to use them in medium and large scale applications, in contrast to traditional solid magnetic beads. The low investment cost of magnet separators also enables magnetic beads to be a viable alternative to chromatography, especially when several batches need to be processed in parallel.

It’s suitable for a small scale including immunopreciptations and large-scale preps.

The process is easily scalable from low milliliter scale, e.g. for screening of hybridoma cultures, to 50 mL serum batches, to 500 mL of cell culture supernatant. At all scales several batches can be processed in parallel with only minimal loss of time.

Key Products are:

LOABeads Protein A: magnetic agarose beads, with protein A ligand attached. Ideal for the simple and rapid purification of antibodies from serum and ascites, or for immunoprecipitations. 

LOABeads AffiAmino: magnetic agarose beads for covalent coupling of molecules with primary amino-groups, such as proteins, antibodies and aptamers.

LOABeads MabBind A: magnetic agarose beads coated with protein A optimized for purification of monoclonal antibodies from cell cultures.

LOABeads MagSep:  high performance magnetic separators from microtube scale to 500 ml DuranTM bottles or similar.

Watch this space for exciting new products from LOABeads and check out the information and video link



Article Source: Cambio / Lab on a Bead