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Cell Culture Contamination Control

Cell Culture Contamination Control: Prevention

High quality but affordable diagnostic kits for the detection of microbial contaminants in cell cultures, biopharmaceutical products, clinical samples and water. Utilising the sensitivity of PCR and real-time PCR techniques and continued development activities guarantees high quality contamination control.

Mycoplasma Prevention

Preventing mycoplasma contamination in lab work areas, safety cabinets and incubators as a routine cleaning measure can save time, money and the reputation of your lab. Timely decontamination of infected cell culture materials can also prevent further spreading of mycoplasma within your cell culture lab and can help avoid contamination of other cell lines.

Minerva Biolabs offer solutions for removal of mycoplasma from surfaces, equipment and from cell cultures themselves.

Mycoplasma elimination from surfaces and equipment

Mycoplasma Off® can be used for cleaning and disinfecting all kinds of laboratory surfaces and devices, including safety cabinets, incubators, work benches, sample storage boxes, and liquid nitrogen containers. Being rapidly effective against mycoplasma contamination, Mycoplasma Off® also has a broad antimicrobial activity against several other contaminants.  Available as wipes and sprays for convenience. Simply wipe or spray the surface for almost instant removal of mycoplasma.

1. - Convenient and Rapid

2. - Non-corrosive and Non-carcinogenic

3. - Broad Spectrum of Antimicrobial Activity

4. - Available as a spray (with refills) and handy wipes