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Gel Electrophoresis

Gel Electrophoresis

The visualisation of nucleic acids through agarose gel electrophoresis is an indispensable technique in molecular biology.

Product Highlights 

Electrophoresis Systems from miniPCR

We stock a selection of electrophoresis systems with integrated blue light LEDs for use with fluorescent safe stains. For schools and field work check out the blueGel system - for a compact research-grade unit to use in the lab see the GELATO system  See also the blueBox - blue light transilluminator.

UK State school teachers - if prices are beyond your budget then contact us for a free loan of some equipment.


MapMarker® from BioVentures

The Next Generation in Single-Stranded Fluorescent DNA Sizing Standards

MapMarker® are sets of high quality fluorescently labelled DNA fragments, designed to provide consistent intensities and migration patterns for DNA sizing standards and are compatible with all fluorescent-based separation instrument systems. MapMarker DNA fragments are uniformly spaced to provide accurate base calling and precision sizing of samples.

MapMarker® contains singular DNA strands with a single fluorophore and bands ranging from 50 to 1000 base pairs. Only single strands are labeled with a single dye; the products are available with all of the most commonly used fluorescent dyes, including rhodamine, tetramethylrhodamine, x-rhodamine and fluorescein.