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Lab Reagents: Smart Buffers and Reagents

SmartBuffers and SmartReagents,(tablets or powder pouches). Absolute Lectins, Immuno Reagents/Diagnostics and Biochemical kits and Bioactive Proteins and Saponins Can't see what you want, in the pH or concentration that you want ? Contact us and we can get it made

Biological buffers for the life science laboratory need to meet a wide array of criteria. These include good stability, lack of toxicity, precision in pH, pKa between 6.0 and 8.0 (the region in which most biological reactions occur), minimal salt effects due to the ionic composition of the solution, free of enzymatic and hydrolytic activity and minimal participation in biological reactions.

Buffers for molecular biology applications, e.g. Tris-Borate-EDTA and Tris-Acetate-EDTA, need to be free from DNAse and RNAse activity. Medicago's SmartBuffers meet all these criteria. They are manufactured using highly purified, analytical grade chemicals and are extensively quality tested. Manufacturing is done in a controlled clean environment according to GMP procedures.

A high level of automation essentially avoids operator intervention and contact with the products.

SmartBuffers are supplied as exactly pre-weighed tablets packed in containers or blister packs or as exactly pre-weighed powder mixes packed in sealed aluminium foil pouches.

•Pre-mixed powder buffers or tablets with pre-set pH

•Analytical grade reagents

•Eliminates calculation, formulation and weighing errors

•Dissolve-and-go for greater convenience

•Stable at room temperature for at least 3 years

•Guaranteed reproducibility