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PCR : Lyophilised PCR reagents

The PCR products in this section cover a wide range of PCR technologies. Here you will find products suitable for both TA and blunt-end cloning, for high fidelity PCR, High GC PCR and long range PCR. You may be simply looking for PCR mastermixes to optimise and streamline your current PCR methods. These can also be found in this section. No PCR is complete without a reliable polymerase enzyme. Our MegaTaq DNA Polymerase is a perfect enzyme for this. The FailSafe PCR system allows for rapid optimisation of any PCR in one single run, thanks to the buffer sets which have already been optimised with the correct pH, amount of salts. Magnesium and buffer concentrations.

Cirrus™ reagents are Fluorogenics’s next generation of ambient stored quantitative PCR/RT- PCR mastermixes manufactured using their proprietary reagent stabilisation process and have enhanced PCR sensitivity and linearity in hydrolysis and conformational probe amplification. Cirrus™ RNA mastermix provides a simple to use one-tube RT-PCR reaction incorporating a thermostable RNA-dependent DNA polymerase for enhanced cDNA generation at elevated temperatures. Shipped and stored at room temperature, Cirrus™ reagents are ideal for minimizing your lab’s carbon footprint and also very well suited to fieldwork where shipping is an issue.