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MagIC Beads Nucleic Acid Capture

MagIC Beads Nucleic Acid Capture: Custom Target DNA Seq Magic Beads

Reproducible, fast, and reliable DNA and RNA capture for any target

Reproducible, fast, reliable targeted DNA capture

DNA enrichment with Magnetic Instant Capture Beads (MagIC Beads) is the best option for:

  • DNA epigenetic modifications
  • Chromosomal rearrangements
  • Genome integration sites (viruses, transposons, genetic engineering etc.)
  • Detection of mutations
  • … and more

Unmatched enrichment levels

Samples of genomic DNA from HEK293 cells fragmented by sonication to the size fraction of ~10-30kb were incubated with MagIC Beads carrying non-targeting probes or different pools of capture probes designed to target Xist locus (pre-incubation at 94°C, followed by incubation at the hybridization temperature). DNA attached to the beads was washed, eluted and subjected to qPCR analysis. Levels of chromosomes 11, 12, 21, 22 and X were measured using multiple primer pairs per chromosome with qPCR. All of the targeting MagIC Beads enriched the Xist locus close to 100 000-fold over the non-target DNA segments, but not the assayed region of the chromosome 21.


How it works

Save on sequencing costs:
The targeted capture of specific DNA segments of interest can be used to enable better resolution in the downstream analysis by sequencing. The ability to enrich specific DNA segments can simplify sequencing experiments and reduce their overall costs, saving sequencing depth from being spent on inherently uninteresting portions of the genome.

Standardized capture of long DNA fragments – tens of kilobases:

MagIC Beads for DNA enrichment provide the first standardised solution for the capture of any sequence of interest from samples of long DNA fragments. Whether for targeted sequencing or for any other downstream application the unique properties of MagIC Beads DNA enrichment kits offer exceptional value.

MagIC Beads for DNA enrichment are particularly useful for those experiments that can benefit from bringing higher sequencing resolution to specific, long segments of the genome.
The ability of MagIC Beads to capture DNA segments up to tens of kilobases in length makes them especially attractive when used in combination with sequencing technologies capable of producing long reads. This is particularly pronounced in the case of amplification free sequencing with Oxford Nanopore sequencing, where the relatively low number of reads produced by the platform makes the genome wide applications challenging.

Capture up to 60% of target sequences from the input sample:

The kits consist of the target-specific MagIC Beads and sets of optimized buffers. They feature standardized capture conditions and capture probes properties, which ensure uniformly high efficiency of the system on varying DNA targets, independently of their length. The beads provide very high target enrichment levels, at the same time being able to capture up to 60% of the double-stranded target sequences from the input sample.

Efficiency guaranteed by design

For any custom DNA target only the information on 1-2kb of the sequence is necessary for efficient capture of tens kb long genomic segments. The optimal number of probes is established based on the target length and nucleotide composition. Experimentally validated design approach is used to provide uniformly highly efficient capture probe arrays for any target sequence. Every probe is extensively screened against potential binding to any off-targets in the genome of interest to ensure superb probe specificity.


Compared to classical targeted DNA sequencing approaches, MagIC Beads provide multiple benefits:

  • No comprehensive knowledge of the target sequence required:
    • Targeting a 1-2kb long sequence of a large DNA target (10kb+) for the capture results in efficient capture of the full-length target.
  • Reliable capture of long sequences, prior to preparation of the seq library:
    • Efficient capture regardless of the target length or the presence of secondary structures.
  • Fast and simple protocol:
    • The enrichment procedure can be completed in 1-2h with a reduced number of hands-on steps.
  • No need for additional key components of the experimental setup:
    • MagIC Beads enrichment kits are provided as complete, out of the box solution.
  • Expert support:
    • Count on active support regarding the use of the kit as well as analysis planned downstream applications.


Additional information

  • Supplied with beads and hybridization buffer.
  • 1 reaction = 15 pmol of capture probes.
  • Shipping condition: room temperature.
  • Storage Temperature: 4°C.
  • Durability: 36 months from date of manufacture.

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