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In vitro Transcription

In vitro Transcription

This section covers a range of products that are designed to produce high yields of high quality RNA. Such applications include synthesis of RNA for nucleic acid amplification, gene expression studies, synthesis of modified RNA transcripts that are resistant to RNAse A-type RNases, studying mechanisms of transcription initiation, rapid, maximum-yield synthesis of RNA for studies of RNA structure, processing, ribozymes, RNAi or antisense RNA

The products in this section are designed to produce high yields of high quality RNA. The RNA produced from this range of products include the synthesis of aminoallyl labelled RNA, radioactively labelled RNA, RNA that includes non-natural base analogues and capped RNA. Capped RNA is useful for increasing translation efficiency and for transfection to eukaryotic cells for RNA splicing.

Product Highlights


mScript™ mRNA Production System CellScript™

The mScript™ mRNA Production System provides a quick and easy way to build a superior capped and polyadenylated mRNA transcript. Based upon a high-yield T7 transcription system, the all-inclusive kit contains the reagents needed to produce high yields of 100% capped mRNA; all you need is the template DNA.


AmpliScribe™ Transcription Kits Biosearch Technologies

The AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ and AmpliScribe™ T3-Flash™ Transcription Kits, Epicentre®'s new in vitro transcription kits, produce more RNA in 30 minutes than competitors in vitro transcription kits produce in two hours.

AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ and AmpliScribe™ T3-Flash™ Transcription reactions utilize high concentrations of NTPs that are inhibitory to conventional in vitro transcription systems. Using 1 µg of a 1.4 kb DNA template, the standard 20 µl AmpliScribe T7-Flash and AmpliScribe™ T3-Flash™ reactions produce 160 µg to 180 µg (8 to 9 mg/ml) of RNA in 30 minutes.