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qPCR and qRT-PCR

qPCR and qRT-PCR

Our qPCR range of products includes excellent quality qPCR master mixes, single-gene assay kits for human, mouse and rat and ancillary products to ensure you can trust your qPCR results. We also offer fully compatible cDNA synthesis kits to enable qRT-PCR.

Cambio offers kits and ancillary products that enable users to obtain high quality trustworthy results using qPCR or qRT-PCR techniques.  The kits and reagents offered by Cambio have been developed by the Tataa Biocenter, who have been making qPCR kits for 20 years.  Tataa pride themselves in preventing users from stumbling into common pitfalls so that not only do you get nice curves on your qPCR machine but also your data is as meaningful and reprodcuible as possible.


Through Cambio you can access the best possible qPCR/qRT-PCR support and we can also get you booked in on a training course at the Tataa Biocenter, Sweden.  Just contact if you are interested.

If you are working with less complex 'easy' samples then the Tataa GenMaster kits are a good place to start.

For samples which are harder to work with then GrandMaster mixes are the best to choose from:


See for example the Sybr GrandMaster Mix for obtaining great quality data from both 'easy' and more 'difficult' samples.

If you are interested in doing really robust qPCR then you might want to consider introducing the following components into your normal workflow:

  • Valid-Prime Quality Controls - replace the need to perform controls lacking reverse transcriptase (RT(-)) to test for the presence of genomic DNA (gDNA) for all samples in your qPCR profiling.
  • Primers and Probes from our reference gene panel
  • IPC (Interplate calibrator) - to allow you to compare qPCR results spread over several PCR plates
  • Tataa Spikes - these allow you to spike your sample to ensure that the prescence of inhibitors has not compromised your qPCR results
  • Sybr GrandMaster Mix - a very popular choice - Click here!


And if you are doing qRT-PCR:

All you need is a GrandMaster cDNA Synthesis Kit.  Three kits are available allowing users to choose between different priming strategies and more.  Kits include all necessary components except template.

Still struggling to choose the right product for you then contact