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Dye Electrophoresis Lab- Molecular Rainbow

Analyze dye samples using gel electrophoresis. 

MiniPCR - Amplyus

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Dye Electrophoresis Lab: Molecular Rainbow

Bring a molecular rainbow to your classroom! This lab offers students an engaging introduction to the theory a

nd practice of a fundamental biotechnology technique: gel electrophoresis. Students will run dye samples to demonstrate how gel electrophoresis can separate molecular mixtures. 

Molecular Rainbow Dye Electrophoresis Lab features:

  • An engaging and accessible introduction to gel electrophoresis
  • Safe, non-toxic dyes
  • Directly visible without staining
  • Compatible with Bandit™, blueGel™, and traditional gel electrophoresis systems
  • A low-cost jumping-off point to explore topics like inheritance, genetic identification, and more!













This lab kit provides enough reagents for eight lab groups:


  • Rainbow dye samples (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple)
  • 10 agarose tabs 
  • TBE electrophoresis buffer
  • 50 plastic tubes (1.7 ml microtubes)


Supplied by user:














































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