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In Vitro Toxicology: Mutagenicity kits

The Ames II / Ames MPF Microfluctuation Assays are all modifications of the traditional Ames plate incorporation assay.

The Ames II assay uses the S. typhimurium strains TA98 and TAMix (a mixture of 6 strains, each detecting a specific base-pair substitution), whereas the Ames MPF® kits are available with the strains TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, E.coli WP2 uvrA or E.coli WP2 pKM101.


Benefits of Xenometrix Ames Mutagenicity Assays over traditional Ames Procedures

  • Easy, compact and high throughput liquid format with 384 well plates.

  • Simple detection method with easy "readout" (as compared to the traditional assay)

  • Kits include all five types strains cited in OECD 471 (CoA supplied), quality controlled according to the same guideline 

  • Much less  test compound required.  (10 mg per strain if tested in triplicates, +/- S9, 6 semi-logarithmic compound dilutions)

  • Ames MPF is the preferred system for genotoxic impurities due to its low consumption of compound

  • Significantly less consumption of S9

  • Less environmental pollution due to significantly less "contaminated" waste

  • Less user intervention

  • Download presentation 

Positive controls

Positive controls for Ames

Xenometrix AG

Catalogue No.DescriptionPack SizePriceQty
XPPC-AA012-AA: 2-Aminoanthracene100ug £46.00 Quantity Add to Order
XPPC-AC02N4-ACT: N4-Aminocytidine2.5mg £84.00 Quantity Add to Order
XPPC-AF102-Aminofluorene10mg £101.00 Quantity Add to Order
XPPC-AR059-AAC: 9-Aminoacridine1000ug £65.00 Quantity Add to Order
XPPC-NF002-NF: 2-Nitrofluorene20ug £51.00 Quantity Add to Order
XPPC-NQ024-NQO: 4-Nitroquinoline-N-Oxide50ug £64.00 Quantity Add to Order


Positive controls for Ames


New positive control 2-Aminofluorene

 Xenometrix now offers 2-Aminofluorene as an alternative positive control for any E.coli strain in presence of rat liver S9.



  • Positive Control / Reference for assays employing a metabolic activation system in E.coli
  • 10mg vials
  • Quality controlled in the Ames MPF assay system

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