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Lab Reagents: Bioactive proteins

SmartBuffers and SmartReagents,(tablets or powder pouches). Absolute Lectins, Immuno Reagents/Diagnostics and Biochemical kits and Bioactive Proteins and Saponins Can't see what you want, in the pH or concentration that you want ? Contact us and we can get it made

Bioactive Proteins for critical biological studies Medicago's Bioactive Proteins include the calcium-binding protein Calmodulin and other custom-made proteins. The Bioactive Proteins are provided as freeze-dried powders manufactured under aseptic conditions and following GMP procedures.

We have extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of proteins. If you don't find the protein you are looking for we can certainly produce it for you. Try us!

•Ultrapure quality

•Stable and high activity

•Contract manufacturing of proteins

•Custom purification services