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Cell Culture Contamination Control

Cell Culture Contamination Control: Elimination

Mycoplasma Elimination

If you are unfortunate enough to find mycoplasma in your cell culture or virus stocks we highly recommend immediate autoclaving and disposal of any contaminated cell cultures. After having discarded the contaminated cells along with the used reagents and cell culture media, we recommend thorough cleaning of the whole laboratory.

However, we appreciate that certain cells and virus stocks are rare or historically significant and might benefit from being cleaned up. With this purpose in mind Minerva Biolabs have developed mycoplasma elimination products (Mynox® and Mynox® Gold) that can eradicate mycoplasma from an already contaminated cell culture with negligible cytotoxicity.

Mynox® is an antibiotic-free formulation for mycoplasma eradication from cell cultures. Its activity is based on a biophysical mechanism and therefore does not allow for the development of resistant strains.

Mynox® Gold is a formulation of the classic Mynox® reagent that has undergone further development and combines a standard antibiotic with the Mynox® ingredients. Achieve 100% eradication of mycoplasma with no cytotoxicity and a low resistance risk.

Mynox® Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent

An innovative, rapid and efficient elimination of mycoplasmas in cell cultures and virus stocks. Mynox® is the first biological reagent that eliminates mycoplasmas by killing them, not just inhibiting growth, and is the only anti-mycoplasma agent that can be used to clean virus stocks directly. The cytotoxicity of Mynox is extremely low.

Minerva Biolabs

Catalogue No.DescriptionPack SizePriceQty
10-0200Mynox® Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent2 treatments £109.00 Quantity Add to Order
10-0500Mynox® Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent5 treatments £260.00 Quantity Add to Order
10-1000Mynox® Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent10 treatments £520.00 Quantity Add to Order



The classic Mynox® is an antibiotic-free formulation; its activity is based on a biophysical mechanism, thus there is no development of resistant strains. Mycoplasma are permanently destroyed within 2-3 hours.


Free of antibiotics

Recommended Use / Scope

Mynox® is intended for research use only. Not applicable for clinical treatment. The direct treatment of enveloped viruses is not possible.

Kit Components

Mynox® is a sterile, ready-to-use solution, aliquoted per tube for single use, 200 µl per vial.

Package Sizes

1 application can be used to cure one cell culture permanently from mycoplasma burden.

  • Cat. No. 10-0200 2 applications
  • Cat. No. 10-0500 5 applications
  • Cat. No. 10-1000 10 applications

Result Evaluation

Elimination success should be verified with a suitable mycoplasma detection system, e.g. Minerva Biolabs’s Venor®GeM Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits.

Required Consumables

6-well tissue culture plate or small tissue culture petri dish (6 mm Ø)
Regular cell culture plastics

Required Lab Devices

Regular cell culture equipment (incubator, centrifuge, pipettes, etc.)

Shelf Life and Storage

Kit components are maintainable at 2 to 8 °C for at least 6 months.

Fig. Electron micrograph showing the effects of Mynox® when applied to contaminated cell cultures. (A) Mycoplasma contaminated cell culture before treatment. (B) With one application of Mynox® membranes of all mycoplasma are destroyed while the tissue cell membrane is unaffected. Black arrows indicate mycoplasmas, white arrows indicate parts of a tissue cell.


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Mynox® Protocol

Quick visual protocol

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Applications & Benefits


  • Mynox® is effective against M. orale, M. hyorhinis, Acholeplasma laidlawii, M. arginini, M. fermentans, and other mycoplasma species usually encountered as contaminants in cell cultures. Mynox® works for and causes no changes to most cell lines and virus types (e.g. Vero, BHK21, GBK, ML, Hep2, 293, CRFK, H9, Molt4, MT-4, Jurkat) as well as virus stocks (e.g. SHV-1, BHV-1, HSV-1, VSV, SFV, FCV, MEV).


  • Effective with only one treatment

  • Permanently destroys mycoplasma within one hour

  • Not an antibiotic, thus there are no resistant strains known to date

  • Temperature-stable

  • Comes in a ready-to-use solution

  • No additional dosing is required during treatment

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