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Catalogue No.DescriptionPack SizePriceQty
20-2621-01iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 0.1g £18.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2621-02iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 0.25g £41.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2621-10iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 1.0g £164.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2721-13iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 1x10µm £100.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2721-41iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 4x1.0µm £55.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2721-42iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 4x0.2µm £36.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2721-45iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 4x40nm £36.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2821-14iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 1x15µm £150.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2821-41iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 4x1.0µm £55.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2821-42iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 4x0.2µm £36.00 Quantity Add to Order
20-2821-45iPr-Pac-dG-CPG 4x40nm £36.00 Quantity Add to Order




Catalog Number: 20-2621-xx

(20-2721-xx, 20-2821-xx)

Description: iPr-Pac-dG-CPG

3'-succinoyl-long chain alkylamino-CPG

F.W.: 329.21

Diluent: Not Applicable
Coupling: This support should be used in a manner identical to normal protected nucleoside support since it contains the DMT group. To avoid any exchange of the iPr-Pac group on the dG with acetyl, use the UltraMild Cap Mix A (40-4210-xx/ 40-4212-xx).
Deprotection: UltraMILD deprotection: 0.05M Potassium Carbonate in Methanol, 4 hours at Room Temperature OR 2 hours at Room Temperature in 30% Ammonium Hydroxide.
Storage: Refrigerated storage, maximum of 2-8°C, dry
Stability in Solution: Not Applicable


The synthesis of labelled oligonucleotides has become a standard procedure in many laboratories and many labelling reagents, e.g., biotin and fluorescein, are now available as ß-cyanoethyl (CE) phosphoramidites. Labels which are currently available as CE phosphoramidites have one common property - they must be stable to the strongly alkaline conditions required for removal of the base protecting groups. This property is lacking in several interesting dyes and labels. We sought an alternative protecting scheme for the normal CE phosphoramidites which would allow UltraMILD deprotection and would not react with a wider variety of tags and labels. A set of monomers using phenoxyacetyl (Pac) protected dA and 4-isopropyl-phenoxyacetyl (iPr-Pac) protected dG, along with acetyl protected dC, met the desired criteria for UltraMILD deprotection.

We recommend the use of phenoxyacetic anhydride (Pac2O) in Cap A. This modification removes the possibility of exchange of the iPr-Pac protecting group on the dG with acetate from the acetic anhydride capping mix. Cleavage and deprotection can be carried out in 2 hours at room temperature with ammonium hydroxide or 4 hours with 0.05M potassium carbonate in methanol.

Isobutyryl (iBu) protected dA has been discontinued. Pac-dA is the replacement.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

If you cannot find the answer to your problem then please contact us or telephone +44 (0)1954 210 200

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If you cannot find the answer to your problem then please contact us or telephone +44 (0)1954 210 200