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Vacuum manifolds, centrifuges, vortex machines, homogenizers and shakers

This section specialises in high quality lab equipment including vacuum manifolds, centrifuges and vortex machines.

Product Highlights 


A whole array of high quality benchtop laboratory equipment. Products by hercuvan include, gradient thermal cyclers, centrifuges and micro-centrifuges.  There is also a vast range of adaptable and modular shakers suitable for many different applications.  Hercuvan's range of dry water baths and heat blocks are products no laboratory should be without due to their robust and reliable nature. Their perfectly designed vortex mixers make even the smallest of lab spaces versatile and efficient.


miniPCR™mini8 thermal cycler

Small and portable, miniPCR fits right on your bench or travels wherever your science goes. miniPCR is the groundbreaking, truly personal and convenient PCR machine. Simple to program and fully interactive through your computer, smartphone, or tablet.



SMOBiO's B-BOX™ is a long wavelength, blue light LED epi-illuminator. It is compact in design and robust in structure. Due to its non-UV light source, non-carcinogenic DNA/ Protein dye, and a low operating voltage of only 12 volts 
B-BOX™ epi-illuminator provides an unprecendented level of safety for users. 
B-BOX™ also comes with amber colored filter goggles and high quality non-flickering LED lights that are highly sensitive for DNA and protein dye. 
B-BOX™ can greatly ease the routine chore of gel extraction, enabling easy visualization and gel cutting even in bright ambient light. The Multi-angle filter plate provides optimal angles for gel cutting, visualization, and documentation. Finally, a built in barrier system built around the working area helps facilitate cleaning.


Are you looking for a specific type of water bath, shakers, centrifuge or any benchtop equipment ? Then why not contact us and  discuss your requirements. Our large range contains equipments to suit all labs and all budgets.