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The range of products in this section include ready-to-use DNA microarrays for human, mouse, and rat, microbial species among other organisms. Whether your arrays use custom materials supplied to MI, are fabricated from stock probe sets, or utilise probes from multiple resources, every DNA microarray is backed by quality and service. Each array is manufactured in a climate-controlled, clean room environment to produce arrays of exceptional quality.

Microarray-based assays and diagnostics are some of the most technical and customized products that are made by Microarrays Inc. These arrays can provide clinicians with valuable information resulting in significantly improved patient outcomes or the improvement of public safety through foods or manufacturing testing, and workplace drug screening. MI's array technology offers enhanced testing functionality to provide an accurate and affordable assay system, including the transfer of traditional ELISA assays to a microarray format.

Using Microarray Inc's unique manufacturing capabilities and applying extensive expertise in assay development and validation, MI scientists develop your assay concepts to achieve a robust and precise array tool for the laboratory or market. Array products may encompass a wide range of applications including;

  • diagnostic expression profiling of cancers to identify cancer sub-types
  • prognostic expression profiling to direct sub-type specific therapies
  • autoimmune disorder profiling
  • analyte screening
  • identification of pathogens from food, environment, or other sources