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DNA & RNA Sequencing

DNA & RNA Sequencing

The products in this section demonstrate a number of rapid and reliable methods useful in DNA and RNA sequencing.

Other products include areas for the clean-up of molecular labeling reactions from nucleic acids, proteins or carbohydrates, 96 well plates for dye terminator removal from DNA sequencing reactions.


Arraystar uses cutting edge science, state of the art technologies, and innovative products to empower biomedical science researchers. They provide comprehensive and systematic analysis for expression profiling and for the regulation of RNAs, especially the regulatory non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs).
Their quality products, strong technical expertise, and in-depth data analysis produce scientific data that can quickly advance your biomedical research. Since they started in 2009, more than 110 publications have cited Arraystar’s innovative products and superior services, many of which were published in top scientific journals. Their client base has expanded to hundreds of esteemed research institutions all over the world.

ALINE Biosciences is a leading provider of innovative solutions to magnetic bead-based high-throughput sequencing platforms (Sanger and Next-Generation) and DNA/RNA isolation and clean-up. ALINE’s mission is to provide highest quality and most cost efficient solutions with the combination of in-depth knowledge and innovative technologies for:

  • NGS Library Clean-up
  • Sanger Sequencing Clean-up
  • DNA Normalization kits
  • DNA Purification kits
  • RNA purification kits