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A range of great STEM equipment to assist both teachers and students in their quest for learning about molecular biology. These include thermal cyclers controllable from a mobile phone, Gel electrophoresis unit that uses blue light  to visualise DNA bands whilst fitting in the palm of your hand.  Ther eis also mini centrifuge that not only looks great but is a very tough and versatile piece of essential equipment. Check out the P51 viewer, a cardboard  box that allows you to visualise DNA with ease. + many more 



Blue gel electrophoresis: Blue gel electrophoresis is a Portable Integrated electrophoresis and visualization system. It is fast reliable and error proof. Use a phone, tablet or camera to take pictures, in addition No UV light is needed making it safer, more convenient and economical.

MiniPCR - Amplyus

Catalogue No.DescriptionPack SizePriceQty
MP-1AA16blueGel™ comb (replacement part)each £14.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-1AA17blueGel™ gel tray (replacement part)each £14.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-1AA18blueGel™ buffer chamber ( Replacement Part)each £27.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-1AA22blueGel™ casting platform ( Replacement Part)each £36.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-1AA39blueGel™ carrying pouch ( replacement Part)each £14.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-2AA28blueGel™ power supply ( INT)each £27.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-6AA53Fold-a-View™photo documentation hoodEach £10.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-6AA73blueGel™ base (replacement part)Each £182.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-6AA74blueGel™ cover (replacement part)Each £91.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-6AA75blueGel™ ClearView spray and lens cleaning cloth1floz & 1 cloth £14.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-LB-1500-04blueGel™ set of 4 with carrying casepack/4 £1,159.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-LB--1500-10Carrying case for set of 4 Bluegeleach £81.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-QP-1500-01INTblueGel™electrophoresis with built-in transilluminatoreach £281.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-RG-1001-01100 bp DNA ladder, Load Ready™100 µl £25.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-RG-1510-03blueGel™ Starter Kit: 100 gels (Agarose, TBE, SeeGreen™)100 preps £90.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-RG-1550-01GelGreen™ Nucleic Acid Gel Stain, 10,000X in Water200µl £46.00 Quantity Add to Order


Light up the world of DNA DNA Gel Electrophoresis

Integrated electrophoresis and visualization system


  • Gel electrophoresis unit with built-in transilluminator
  • Seamless polycarbonate and ABS injection molded parts
  • Two-button operation; one for Run, one for Light
  • Casting system with integrated comb holder
  • Platinum and stainless steel electrodes
  • High-intensity blue led transilluminator panel

Fast and direct DNA visualization




  • Turn on safe blue light and watch DNA separation at any time.
  • Take a picture with your phone, tablet, or camera to document


  • Observe DNA separation in as little as five minutes 


  • Utilizes blue LED light and safe green DNA dyes.
  • No need for UV protection or ethidium bromide. Load and run gels safely without possibility of electric contact.
  • Runs on low voltage.     



  • No UV damage to DNA for downstream applications

  • User friendly

  • Minimizes errors and allows flexibility


  • blueGelTM agarose gel and electrodes only fit the right way.
  • Never run a gel backwards again.


A seamless casting tray eliminates leaks. 6cm gel length separates tight bands. Flexible comb configuration allows for 9 to 26 wells per gel.

Fitted with comb holder for easy storage.



Integrated electrophoresis, power supply, and illuminator. Simply plug into a wall outlet.


  • Uses up to 10x less reagents. Low energy consumption.
  • Weighs less than one pound with a small 3″ x 9″ x 4″ footprint.
  • Stacks and stores into included travel bag.


blueGel™ set of 4 with carrying case



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If you cannot find the answer to your problem then please contact us or telephone +44 (0)1954 210 200