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K4® Multiplier - Transfection Enhancer

Enhancer for the transfection of mammalian cells with DNA & RNA


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T082-2.0K4® Multiplier2 x 3.5ml £193.00 Quantity Add to Order


  • Compatible with virtually all transfection methods
  • Simple application (additive to the cell culture medium)
  • Reduces the detection of foreign DNA and RNA through the cell‘s sensors for nucleic acids
  • Improves the transfection efficiency and vitality of cells

Eukaryotic cells can detect foreign substances such as Lipopolysaccharide, bacterial or viral nucleic acids and proteins by the innate immune system and take defensive measures against the infiltration of potential pathogenic or initiate apoptotic processes. In addition, the presence of any cell-damaging substances is communicated to the neighbouring cells through messengers, accordingly establishing a defensive attitude, without having direct contact to the pathogen.


The knowledge that virtually all transfection methods are affected of the defenses of the innate immune system, led to the development of the K4® Multiplier. Especially hard to transfect cells often express endosomal or cytosolic sensors that can detect nucleic acids. In contrast to the K2® Multiplier, the K4® Multiplier as its further development inhibits both groups of sensors. This is often the case during transfection of hard to transfect cells by means of cationic lipids or polymers, electroporation or viral transfection methods.

In this way, in many cases significant increases transfection efficiencies combined with improved vitality of the cells can be achieved, regardless of the applied transfection method. Prerequisite is that the endosomal or in the cytosol released DNA or RNA play a role within the transfection process and the cells are expressing the corresponding sensors.

The K4® multiplier is an additive to the cell culture medium,  easy to use and requiring no optimization. It can therefore easily be combined with existing optimized transfection protocols. It is suitable for the transient and stable transfection of mammalian cell lines and also primary cells with DNA (plasmids, bacmids), RNA (mRNA, miRNA and siRNA) and modified nucleic acids (such as antisense oligonucleotides). Application areas are especially the production of proteins, antibodies and virus (E.g. AAV, adenovirus, lentivirus), Cotransfectionens of various nucleic acids, genome editing (E.g. CRISPR/Cas9, CRISPR/Cpf1) and gene silencing (gene knockdown).

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If you cannot find the answer to your problem then please contact us or telephone +44 (0)1954 210 200