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A range of great STEM equipment to assist both teachers and students in their quest for learning about molecular biology. These include thermal cyclers controllable from a mobile phone, Gel electrophoresis unit that uses blue light  to visualise DNA bands whilst fitting in the palm of your hand.  Ther eis also mini centrifuge that not only looks great but is a very tough and versatile piece of essential equipment. Check out the P51 viewer, a cardboard  box that allows you to visualise DNA with ease. + many more 


Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit

Bandit™ is a safe and low-cost STEM activity kit students can use to build and run a working electrophoresis system. Bring this essential technique to your class through an integrated science and engineering approach.

MiniPCR - Amplyus

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MP-QP-1400-01Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis KitKit £86.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-QP-1400-11Band-it electrode wireeach £6.00 Quantity Add to Order
MP-QP-4AA30USB-C power adapter (5 V to 12 V)each £16.00 Quantity Add to Order


Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit

Bandit™ is an integrative kit bridging science and engineering practices

Bandit™ is a safe and low-cost STEM activity kit students can use to build and run a working gel electrophoresis system. With Bandit™ electrophoresis, students build it to understand it: by building the system, students will connect how the concepts of circuits, charge, and electricity that they learn about in physical science can be used as fundamental tools in the biology lab. Integrate crosscutting concepts into your curriculum while making clear connections between core ideas from different disciplines.


Bandit™ electrophoresis features:

  • Integrative: Equally well suited for physical science and life science classrooms
  • Safe: Runs on safe USB power
  • Durable: Sturdy components stand up to repeated use
  • Cost-effective: Our most affordable option for bringing this essential lab technique to your students
  • Simple: No need for additional stains or visualizers – with our dye electrophoresis Learning Labs™, students can see their results as the gel runs
  • Sustainable: No batteries required, and electrodes are reusable

Bandit™ is the perfect partner for dye electrophoresis Learning Labs™. Bandit™ dye labs are a low-cost jumping-off point to explore topics like inheritance, genetic identification, and more!


Technical Specification ( click)

Note: USB-C power source required for operation is not included. (Available as add-on purchase, but you can use any existing mobile phone charger that you may already have with USB -C connection)

Our USB charger has a US only type pin as below.











What is included

  • Buffer chamber
  • Electrodams™ for casting and running gels
  • Reusable, corrosion-resistant electrode wire
  • Double-sided comb with choice of 6 or 9 wells
  • Comb supports
  • LED light strip to demonstrate principles of circuits
  • Positive and negative leads with rubber-coated alligator clips
  • Circuit controller
  • USB-C cable
  • Carrying pouch for easy storage

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