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P51™ at home- STEM Explorations That GLOW!

Fluorescence is a tool used widely in the sciences and beyond. But it is also a fascinating phenomenon in its own right. Use the handheld P51™ fluorescence viewer to explore the world of fluorescence right at home!

MiniPCR - Amplyus

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P51™  at home- STEM Explorations That GLOW!


Fluorescence is an important tool in biotechnology, but fluorescent molecules aren’t limited to the lab – they are all around us. For example, many minerals fluoresce and some organisms produce fluorescent molecules; however, we rarely observe this fluorescence because our vision isn’t suited for detecting it under normal lighting conditions. Using the handheld P51™ fluorescence viewer, you can explore the world of fluorescence right from your own home. What will you discover?


This lab includes three guided activities to introduce students to the fluorescence all around them. Each activity includes suggestions to spark further inquiry-based explorations.

  • Highlighter Highlights: Discover why highlighters appear so bright and learn about fluorescence excitation and emission.
  • Crimson Chlorophyll: Use fluorescence to explore how chlorophyll helps plants capture solar energy to make food.
  • Home-glowin’: Open your eyes to the fluorescent world around you! Discover household items that you never knew were fluorescent.




What's included?

  • 1 P51™ fluorescence viewer
  • 1 9V battery
  • 50 0.2 ml tubes
  • 5 1.7 ml tubes
  • 10 transfer pipettes
  • 1 plastic grinder
  • 1.2 ml fluorescein solution
  • Activity guide

All materials and reagents can be stored at room temperature.

SDS – Concentrated Fluorescein



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