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Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification

Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification

Glen Research

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60-4120-82Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification 250ml £64.00£57.60Offer until : 30-Sep-2021Offer Code : GLEN1010% off all Glen products View Offer Quantity Add to Order

Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification

Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification

Glen Research

Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification

Catalog Number: 60-4120-xx

Description: Quenching buffer for Glen-Pak RNA purification


Glen-Pak™ DNA and RNA cartridges have advantages over Poly-Pak cartridges in that a single loading of the diluted crude deprotection solution is all that is necessary. Also, the range of purification has been extended to 100 using DMT-on oligos. Glen-Pak cartridges have similar performance to Fluoro-Pak cartridges but without the need for the fluorous DMT group at the 5' terminus and special phosphoramidites, so the cost is lower. In addition, Glen-Pak cartridges allow purification of virtually the complete range of dyes and modifiers. The Glen-Pak DNA Cartridge 3g is a large cartridge capable of purifying 10-20 µmole oligonucleotide syntheses using the standard DMT-on procedure and Glen-Pak DNA 30mg 96-Well Plates are for parallel purification of up to 50 nmole scale syntheses. Scale suggestions for the Glen-Pak DNA product line are shown below:

Glen-Pak DNA Product

Catalog Number

Synthesis Scale

Glen-Pak DNA 50mg Purification Cartridge


10 nmole ? 200 nmole

Glen-Pak DNA Purification Cartridge


10 nmole ? 1.0 µmole

Glen-Pak DNA Cartridge 3G


5 µmole ? 20 µmole

Glen-Pak DNA 30 mg 96-Well Plate


10 nmole ? 50 nmole


The fluorous affinity purification of oligonucleotides is a quick and simple affinity-based method for the purification of oligonucleotides that relies on the strong interaction of fluorous-tagged oligonucleotides (made with fluorous-tagged phosphoramidites) with the fluorinated adsorbent present in Fluoro-Pak™ columns. Fluorous affinity purification is operationally similar to DMT-on purification using a reverse-phase (RP) adsorbent, e.g., RP cartridge purification, except that it involves a much stronger affinity interaction and is thus able to afford higher selectivities and recoveries, even with long oligos.

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